Labor of Love Midwifery Services
    We offer our clients knowledge and skills based on current scientific research and on the
    wisdom of an ancient midwifery tradition.  

  • Labor of Love Midwifery provides care during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  

  • We offer classes, counseling in nutrition, breastfeeding, and well mother/baby care.  

    Labor of Love views the midwives role as a facilitator and supporter of the natural process
    of pregnancy and birth.

Tina's fluency in Spanish and familiarity with
the Mexican culture took her to Casa de
Nacimiento in El Paso, Texas.  An intensive
there honed her skills and knowledge while
allowing her to serve a population near to her

Tina is married and has 4 children.  In 2006,
she had the honor of attending her daughter at
the birth of her granddaughter.
Tina Salgado has been a midwife for 37 years and has attended over 2000 home, birthing center,
and hospital births.  She received her training via the apprentice mode of training with many
midwives from different backgrounds and ideas about birth.

In 1983, Tina received her certification through the Michigan Midwives Association and she
served on their board of directors and certification board for a time
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